Thailand is mostly a Buddhist country and so most people do not celebrate Easter.

But there is a big celebration which we celebrate which is called Songkran.

Here are some comments by children in 3W

For songkran, we normally go on holiday somewhere in Thailand. We also throw water at people and go to the temple. We have lots of fun and get soaking wet! Annabel

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In Thailand on April it is hot so we celebrate Songkran and we pour water to each other to have fun.

from Richie, Cane, Laure and Toby

We celebrate Songkran because of it is the new year of Thailand and we celebrate songkran to respect older people.
Thai people love festivals so much , they celebrate New Year twice! The first New Year is on Janurary 1st , just like the other countries. A few months later, on April 13th, they celebrate Songkran. It is the biggest festival in Thailand, a time for fireworks, dancing and lots of water.
The day before Songkran, everyone gives their house a through spring cleaning. The Songkran celebrations last for three days. During this time, water is used to to purify people and objects.
Young people show their respect for older people by pouring perfumed water into the elders hands. In our Songkran festival assembly children also do that to our teachers. The biggest displays of water could be found in the streets , if you don't mind getting wet! In Chaing Mai, huge crowds gather to enjoy the spectacular Songkran parades, with dancers, floats and bands. The noisy, colorful parades moves through the city as spectators throw water at everyone. Punn Tannirandorn