Easter in Russia


Easter egg decoration is an important Easter tradition in Russia. The predominant colour for egg dyeing in Russia is red. The red dye is chosen because it symbolizes the blood of Christ. In Russia eggs are often cooked together with onion skins or wrapped in colourful fabric remnants.

The traditional Easter foods are kulich and paskha. Kulich is a tasty Easter loaf flavoured with sweets and raisins. Paskha is a ritual dish made from sour cream, sugar, eggs, raisins and butter. It is a tradition to bless Easter eggs and kuliches in the church.

The traditional Easter greeting can be heard everywhere: "Christ is risen!" and the answer "He is truly risen!"

Sharing food on Easter has been a long tradition in Russia. That is why after breakfast people visit their friends and neighbours exchanging eggs and Easter kuliches.


At Easter all the family member have Easter dinner.

It is also common practice to visit cemeteries and bring eggs, some kulich to the graves. In doing so, people let deceased loved ones enjoy the feast.