Easter in Romania

Easter is the most important christian tradition. With the sacrifice of Christ we can literally talk about the birth of the Christian faith. This Easter, in particular, is very special, because it is celebrated at the same date by all Christian denominations (usually the orthodox christians celebrate a week later than their catholic/protestant counterparts). The traditions we have here in Romania, associated with this event, have a history of hundreds of years. Among them we count the painting and decorating of Easter eggs


some very special foods such as:





Drob de miel


How We Celebrated Easter in Our Class:

I tried to explain my children the true meaning of Easter, although they associate Easter with chocolate eggs or nice bunnies who bring gifts. I decided to tell them the story of Jesus, his miracles, his death and especially his resurrection. One of the children's parents donated to our class a beautiful, educational game called "The resurrection eggs" (a carton containing twelve plastic eggs; each egg has a different item which symbolizes a part of the Easter story). They received the story of Christ with great interest, judging by their tiny serious faces:

iona.jpg alex.jpg

We recreated Jesus' days in Jerusalem from the day he arrived to the day he arose from the dead. We've learned the meaning of every item found in the resurrection eggs:

DSCF4985.JPG robert.jpg

For the past week we also coloured pictures of the Easter bunny


we crafted some very cute Easter bunnies


and after all this hard work we also had some fun :)